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Pedicure Lavender Cucumber Foot Masque 200ml


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Product Description
Pedicure Lavender Cucumber Foot Masque 200ml, Made in USA.

Instantly Nourishing and Cooling! Natural clay based foot masque immediately soothes and invigorates swollen and tired feet with Cucumber and Mint Extracts. Put feet up and relax as lost moisture is restored!
* Apply a lather of the Pedi Sation Pedicure Masque over the leg and the entire foot, but not directly onto the nail. Allow for the masque to fully absorb into the skin by allowing in to dry for 5-15 minutes.
Key Ingredients:
* Cucumber to cool and refresh.
* Clay to help soothe and absorb impurities.
* Spearmint for freshness.
* If you place a warm towel over the customer’s leg and foot first this will allow the pores to open to achieve the maximum results.
* If you are pressed for time, another option is to apply the masque over the foot and immediately place the warm towel over the legs for the same period of time.

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Dimensions6 × 10 × 10 cm